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Fearless is currently recruiting the following:
This is Fearless's Website, we are an up and coming guild in Runes of Magic that is on the Indigo server.  We are a group of players that pretty much have the common goal of completing content, and constantly helping each other in order to get the guild and your own character to a better level. 
Guild News

Here we Go

kevinc07191975, May 18, 10 6:51 AM.
Ok Chapter 3 is out and we almost cleared all of the chapter 2 content only 2 main instance were not cleared. ZS, and Demon Stronghold.  We will have these instance cleared within a month but there is one thing is ask of all.  LEVEL, LEVEL,LEVEL this is very important, when i was 55 and cleared HoS the first time it was alot more difficult, once 57 came the trash mobs got 100% easier, basically when you are either the same level or a level or 2 above the mobs in the instance you basically overpower them and it is ALOT easier to clear the instance. As someone that is more towards end game material ,if you cant tell, we need to move into chapter 3 and level up and get into the instances to push Fearless to the top, as you can tell other are seeing that we are becoming a viable guild, they say "Ohh it the people from insomnia that are making that guild"  and that is BULLSHIT, to do a 12 man instance you need 9-12 who are geared to a certain level and also have the technical skills required for the instance. What i see is other are getting scared that we might surpass them one day, remember ANYTHING is POSSIBLE, and the best can crumble. Let's pull together help each other and diving into chapter 3 content as quick as possible.  Every DYNASTY has to start somewhere and we can be a dynastyof Runes of Magic if we pull together and more important work together.

HoS Cleared(Normal Mode)

kevinc07191975, May 17, 10 7:40 PM.
 Congratz all who helped and participated

6th HoS Boss Downed!!

kevinc07191975, May 13, 10 4:02 PM.
Congrats to all who was in the group that DOWNED Sydephex we down him with NO mistakes on the crystal Phase KEEP up the good work, no screen shoot, sorry was to happy for us doing it an also getting my helm to finish my complete HOS Set.  Tonight is the time to clear HoS and destroy Andelphamor

Zygro Downed HoS Normal Mode

kevinc07191975, May 12, 10 9:22 AM.
 Congrats to all who destroyed Zygro the 5th boss in Hall of Survivors, 2 more to go Guys and yes this was on Normal Mode NOT EASY
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